LifeSpace Move Management provides stress free and compassionate moving solutions for seniors, their families and senior living communities. The greatest barrier for a prospective resident to make the move into a senior community is the overwhelming level of detail in dealing with their home (of 40, 50, 60+ years) and the contents therein. It’s an astronomical challenge both physically and emotionally.

We’re here to help.

LifeSpace Senior Move Managers provide solutions to seniors and their families that expedite the move process in a caring and thoughtful manner while safeguarding family dynamics and preserving the dignity of the seniors facing a daunting life transition.

Primary services:

  • Floor plan & proposed furniture layouts
  • Moving coordination
  • Art and collectible display & installation
  • Pack, unpack & organize

Key benefits:

  • Professional, non-disruptive moving services designed to reduce disruption of community life on moving day. We coordinate with your facilities team to ensure move-ins accommodate load-in times, elevator usage, and optimal pathways.
  • Seamless transitions for new residents within a matter of hours. Residents are 100% moved-in with beds made, forks and knives in the drawer, all furniture and artwork professionally set and installed, plus boxes and packing materials removed from your site.
  • Happier, less stressed new residents = Relieved residents quickly assimilate into community life.
Lifespace Services

“Our LifeSpace move managers understand the importance of a swift transition…. and do it with heart. It’s all done with care and the utmost respect for our seniors while keeping a keen eye on the business of senior living.”

-Karen Pfeiffer Bush, Chief Executive Officer

Studio 65, Inspired Senior Living Design